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      • Operation Philosophy of the Group

        To create a better future and serve the customers with honesty and innovation

        Honesty is the essence of Chinese culture and a mature principle for market competition. In the fierce market competition, it is difficult for an enterprise to keep a foothold once it loses honesty. Only through honesty and best customer services can it win the market.

        The soul of an enterprise's sustainable development is market competition, survival of the fittest, innovation and continuous innovation. Only through constant exploration of business areas and continuous innovation of technology, management and system can a construction enterprise do better in the market.

        There is both competition and cooperation in the market. Only by establishing strategic partnerships with peers can enterprises realize double win, sustainable development and a better future.

        Construction Guiding Ideology of the Group

        To guarantee safety and timely construction, create credit on service, realize efficiency on management, and strive for the first Safety is an eternal theme of construction enterprises and construction period is their solemn commitment, the timely completion of a project should be based on safety production. Quality is the foundation for survival of an enterprise and credibility is the guarantee for its development, and only by creating quality and competitive projects can an enterprise win credibility and sustainable development. Management is a means and efficiency is a goal, and strengthening management is an important way to maximize enterprise revenue. Striving for the first is the ultimate goal of a construction enterprise. The four guiding ideologies are coherent in a progressive relation. They guarantee the safety, quality and construction period of projects implemented by the Group and enable the Group to gain a better economic benefit and social reputation. Therefore, the four guiding ideologies, as long-term principles of the Group, are the foundation for the sustainable and steady development of the Group.

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