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      • Corporate Values of the Group

        To meet the market demands, develop the group business, benefit the employees and contribute to the society

        Following the principle of adapting to the market development and change, the Group will try its best to meet the requirements of the market and customers, and provide the market and customers with quality products and high-standard services.

        Development enjoys the overriding priority. Development means that an enterprise shall insist on constant pioneering work, innovations and creations, so as to keep returning long-term benefits to its shareholders and make it larger and stronger in the sustainable future. Therefore, development will be the long-term objective of the Group.
        Employees are the creators of profits and providers of quality products and services. Meeting employees' spiritual and material needs is a motive force and source for the sustainable development of the Group.

        An enterprise cannot develop without support from the society. The more progress the society makes, the better external conditions it provides with enterprises, the faster enterprises will develop. Therefore, it is the mission and responsibility of the Group to contribute to the society with good spiritual, material and cultural products.

        To meet the market demands, develop the group business, benefit the employees and contribute to the society are the four key links of the corporate survival chain. Each of them is critical for an enterprise to realize sustainable development.?

        Corporate Philosophy of the Group

        The overall situation is based on national needs

        The actual situation is based on market requirements

        The basic situation is based on aspirations of employees

        The corporate philosophy of China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. derives from the working and living practices of generations of leaders and employees, which is a true portrayal of decades of corporate operation of the Group, mainly reflecting the corporate pursuit and needs.

        "National Needs" is the overall situation and the permanent goal of China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., LtdEPS_ENTITY The Group will be always committed to construction of national infrastructures. "Market Requirements" is the basic objective requirement of China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and the prerequisite for survival and development of the Group. "Employees' Aspirations" is a manifestation of the actual benefits of the group employees and the foundation of the Group based upon the National Needs and Market Requirements.

        To sum up, employees are the source and beneficiary for sustainable development of the Group. "National Needs", "Market Requirements" and "Employees' Aspirations" are coherent, correlated, integrated and inseparable.

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