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        The history of China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the "CR3" or "Group") can be traced back to 1952 when its predecessor, known as No. 3 Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Railways, was established. CR3 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited, one of the biggest construction enterprises in the world, ranking among the Fortune Global 500 and being listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges. CR3 was restructured into a limited liability company in November 2000 and, due to its long-term activity, it has been transformed into a large comprehensive construction enterprise capable of undertaking general contracting for various categories of construction projects and project management. We provide comprehensive solutions for every phase of project development and our extensive portfolio of projects encompasses nearly every segment of construction and civil engineering industry. In fact, CR3 was one of the first nationwide contracting enterprises with a special-class qualification for general contracting for railway projects. What is more, we deal with machinery and equipment leasing, management of passenger railway lines and special-purpose industrial siding railway. In addition, we are also active in the fields of investment and BT project construction, real estate development, port and waterway construction, water conservancy & hydropower plants construction as well as survey, design and consulting services for construction works.

        Our scope of business is not limited merely to China. We have successfully undertaken construction projects in more than 10 foreign countries and regions (including Singapore, India, UAE, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Ethiopia to name a few) and thereby gained rich experience in management of overseas projects.
        As of 2013, the enterprise employs over 26,000 workers, more than half of whom are managerial personnel and technicians, including approximately 1,000 personnel with senior technical titles and over 600 personnel with certified professional qualifications in design, construction and other relevant specialties. There are 21 functional departments in our headquarters, 18 subsidiaries, 4 branches and 8 regional construction site HQs. The total assets of the Group amounts to ¥20,358,000,000 CNY ($3,284,194,000 USD) The Group is in possession of 5754 items of various equipment and its annual construction and production capacity reaches ¥40,000,000,000 CNY ($6,452,882,000 USD)
        During the 12th five-year plan period, the Group established an overall development strategy based on several significant assumptions. Firstly, the main line of our business is construction industry, with infrastructure construction at its core. Secondly, we wish to become even stronger in railway projects and more involved in non-railway-related undertakings. Thirdly, we aim at expanding overseas businesses in markets all over the world. Fourthly, we wish to gradually make a shift from extensive growth to intensive growth by moving onward towards lean management, and thus promoting value defined by our customers. We strongly believe that our modus operandi with support from various sectors of society will lead to further development and by the end of the 12th five-year plan period the Group will have established its position as a new type of general contractor enterprise with a reasonable product offer, optimized organization structure, effective modes of management and control and a larger operating scale leading to greater profitability.


        By the end of 2011, the enterprise had been granted 129 patents, including: 27 patents for technological inventions, 16 national-level patents for construction methods. We implemented 186 construction methods and were granted 82 provincial- or ministerial-level awards for sci-tech development. 10 scientific and technical prizes were awarded by China Association of Construction Enterprise Management. Not only do we base our experience on what is known and familiar, but we constantly try to enhance our technological and scientific capacity in order to reach out further and further.

        In recent years The Group has been widely praised for its tremendous strength and excellent corporate culture, winning many honors for: quality and efficiency, customer satisfaction, hi-tech construction methods, advanced equipment management and good creditworthiness. Numerous national- and provincial-level titles have been granted by civil engineering supervision bodies. Here are a few examples of such titles: ‘National Excellent Construction Enterprise’, ‘National Advanced Enterprise in Architectural Technology Innovation’, ‘National Excellent Enterprise in Project Construction Quality Management’, ‘National Advanced Enterprise in Corporate Culture Construction’, ‘Excellent Construction Enterprise of Shanxi Province’, and ‘National Safety Construction Contest Champion Enterprise’. What is more, the Group has been rated as the AAA-level credit enterprise by Shanxi Province for consecutive 14 years, which means that our enterprise has the highest credit quality and virtually no risk of default. Furthermore, 97 of the undertaken projects have been granted national- or provincial-level engineering awards, including Lu Ban Award, National Golden Cup for Municipal Works, National Quality Project Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, and Baiyulan Award, to name a few. 


        CR3 pays great attention to all phases of the project life cycle from the very initial stage till its end. We provide feasibility studies both in terms of financial and environmental situation as well as conceptual and schematic designing to support multidisciplinary projects, such as roads, rail lines, ports, bridges, power plants, subway lines & stations, water and wastewater treatment facilities and many others. We have a highly specialized unit to perform all of the above-mentioned tasks. Taiyuan Survey, Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. belongs to China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. and it has been praised and awarded for its high-quality projects numerous times. Our designers and surveying teams work hand in hand with our civil engineers. The institute was established in 1985 and since its foundation, for over 25 years it has been engaged in designing and surveying infrastructure and urban transportation. Meticulous design, high quality service, efficient management and continuous improvement are the guidelines we follow at the Taiyuan Survey and Design Institute.


        Over the past six decades since its establishment, our Group has secured contracts for more than 600 key national and overseas projects, amounting to over ¥120,000,000,000 CNY ($19,358,647,000 USD) of national investment. The sum of constructed railway tracks exceeds 10,000 kilometers, accounting for 1/10 of China’s railway construction. In the 21st century to date, CR3 has successfully participated in more than 80 construction and technical transformation projects for new railway lines and double-track railway, particularly, high-speed railway projects including such lines as: Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan, Hefei-Nanjing, Zhenzhou-Xingping,Wuhan-Guangzhounan,Beijing-Shanghai,Shijiazhuangdong-Wuhanxin,Hangzhou-Ningbo,Hangzhoudong-Changshaxin, Shanghai-Kunming, Datong-Xi’an. As far as urban rail transit projects are concerned the Group has participated in construction of subway lines in a number of big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi’an, and Nanjing. During the construction of these projects we gained rich experience and proved that we are capable of building tunnels and stations in difficult ground conditions with numerous techniques implemented: sectional shallow excavation, monolithic roadbed track laying, long rail welding and others.

        When it comes to expressway and municipal engineering, the Group has undertaken dozens of expressway projects including Beijing-Zhuhai, Beijing-Shanghai and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan. Moreover, we also have taken part in bridge construction projects including Shanghai Nanpu Bridge and Yangpu Bridge. In construction of high-rise buildings, the Group successfully participated in building Shanxi Medical University Inpatient Department Building and the main part and the south wing of Zhenzhou Station.

        v Expressways and highways
        v Railways
        v Bridges
        v Tunnels
        v Subway stations and lines


        Another key field the group has been active in is hydroelectric engineering. We are capable of undertaking hydroelectric projects related to construction of:

        v Dams
        v Hydropower plants and installations for power transmission
        v Buildings for water diversion and spillway
        v Wastewater facilities
        v Navigation buildings
        v Water diversion structures
        v Pumping stations
        Furthermore, we deal with water-turbine generator sets, transformation, manufacture and installation of metallic structures, steel penstocks and valves, ground level raising and consolidating, as well as construction of river dredging and irrigation drainage. In the past 60 years, dozens of water resource facilities have been completed successfully both at home and abroad. Some of our project portfolio includes:

        Dalian bi water diversion and water supply works
        No.2 water-carrying tunnel of Qi Lian Dipanzi hydraulic power station
        Wharf reconstruction works in Fu Ling district
        Hydro-junction works of Qingjiang Shuibuya in Hubei province
        Yellow River diversion project of Wanzhaijia in Shanxi province
        Hydro-junction project of Han Jiangxinglong
        Musuol dam construction works in Iraq
        Nile dam water conservation project in Egypt


        The Group has also invested in several projects. For instance
        Wuhan Jiangcheng Mingzhu Haosheng - a five-star hotel located on the beautiful river bank of Hankou with a golden ball-shape roof.

        Make investment in Wuchuan Gold Mine - the mine is located in the area in the middle part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

        Huozhou-Yongheguan Expressway (BT Project) - The total length of the western section of Huozhou-Yonghe Expressway we invested in is about 71 kilometers. It is an important component of the highway network programme in Shanxi Province. The implementation of this project has a great significance for the improvement of expressway network of Shanxi Province and thereby strengthening the interprovincial traffic connection and promoting the development of the local economy.

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